Traveller Law Centre wins discrimination challenge

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The Irish Traveller Movement (ITM) Law Centre, representing five Traveller women, has been successful in its appeal to the Circuit Court in a discrimination case. The Defendants - the Osprey Hotel, Naas, County Kildare - refused service on two separate occasions to the Traveller women. The first incident involved the refusal of entry to the hotel's nightclub and the second involved a refusal of service in the hotel's restaurant.

Judge McDonnell in the Circuit Court overturned the two District Court rulings in finding that discrimination was proven, and awarded the women compensation as well as the costs of the District Court hearing and the appeal.

The ITM Law Centre, assisted by the Bar Council's Voluntary Assistance Scheme, welcomed the decision outlining that it "may renew confidence for others Travellers who experience discrimination by services and who have no choice but pursue such cases before the Courts."

It is worth noting that this type of case previously fell within the jurisdiction of the Equality Tribunal yet now falls within the District Court's remit. This has serious repercussions for plaintiffs' ability to access justice in such matters, given the costs implications.

Please click here to view the ITM Law Centre press release.