Pro Bono Pledge Ireland: NGO Pitch event

On 29 September, PILA held their first Pro Bono Pledge Ireland: NGO Pitch Event. 

The objective of the event was to connect Pledge Signatories that have committed to doing pro bono work with NGOs and Civil Societies that have projects in need of legal expertise.

Representatives from civil society organisations had the opportunity to introduce themselves to Pledge Signatories of the Pro Bono Pledge Ireland, which includes 45 law firms across Ireland. The Irish Foster Care Association, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, and Nasc Ireland each provided an overview of their organisations and defined the role in which pro bono can further assist the delivery of their objectives.

FLAC CE Eilis Barry, speaking ahead of the event,

“The need for Pro Bono legal assistance is now even more pressing due to the pandemic. Although pro bono work can never be a substitute for a properly funded system of legal aid, it is a vital tool to increase access to justice for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and groups.”

The event will be held four times per annum. The next NGO Pitch Event will be held in January 2022. If your organisation is interested in taking part, please email an expression of interest to

A recording of the event is available here.

Pro Bono Pledge Ireland

Pro Bono Pledge Ireland is the first collaborative effort in Ireland to articulate the shared professional responsibility of lawyers to promote access to justice and provide pro bono legal assistance to those in need. The Pledge sets out the core values of such work to assist both those who undertake it and their clients.

The Pledge was developed by an independent grouping of law firms, barristers, and in-house legal teams with a presence in the Republic of Ireland who has come together to affirm their commitment to delivering pro bono services in Ireland. The Pledge is coordinated by PILA

The Pledge provides a common definition of pro bono legal services, in line with international best practice, which seeks to address the unmet legal need of low-income, disadvantaged, or marginalised individuals or communities, and the organisations that work with them. By focusing on the unmet legal needs, the Pledge is mindful that pro bono should not encroach on legal services that people and organisations are in a position to pay for and can never be a substitute for a properly funded system of legal aid. See more at  

You can sign up to Pro Bono Pledge Ireland as a law firm, in-house legal team, solicitor, or barrister quickly and easily. All you need to do is:

  1. Read the Pledge
  2. Email Danielle Curtis at with confirmation of your intention to sign the Pledge, and
  3. Provide a few simple contact details

You will then be added to the List of Signatories and sent a welcome email.

If you have any further questions please contact Danielle Curtis or refer to the Guidelines on the Pledge.




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