Accessing Civil Legal Aid in Ireland

The issue

When launching its 2016 report ‘Accessing Justice in Hard Times’, FLAC wanted to highlight civil legal aid as an important tool for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and groups, particularly  those on low incomes, seeking to access justice.

What PILA did

FLAC delivered a cross-organisational legal education session to PILA NGOs on how to apply for State legal aid and what to expect from the service.

The result

The session was attended by 34 staff from 25 NGOs who found it, "excellent…a good reminder that FLAC and PILA are there when necessary", "information is highly relevant to my clients and will be passed on", "a brilliant seminar – very informative”. Participants came to understand how crucial it is that frontline organisations have a thorough understanding of the civil legal aid system so they can ensure their stakeholders are able to access justice when needed. They also felt more confident in being able to provide valuable information on the legal needs of their communities and clients which can be used to push for positive reform of the civil legal aid system and promote the basic human right of access to justice.

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