What we do

PILA (Public Interest Law Alliance) is a public interest law network that seeks to engage civil society and the legal community in using the law to advance social change in Ireland.

But what is public interest law? It is the law that goes to the very core of our society – affecting the rights, well-being, health, or finances of our people as a whole – but, most commonly, the law that advocates for those who are disadvantaged or marginalised. It involves using law reform, litigation and legal education as tools of change. We approach public interest law work in its broadest sense; not specifically having to involve the courts, but also assisting vulnerable groups to participate in processes that affect them.

PILA is committed to developing the legal landscape through:

  1. Driving and growing a diverse alliance of people and organisations who are committed to the development of public interest law in Ireland.

  1. Promoting and facilitating pro bono in order to build the capacity of organisations to engage in public interest law work.

  1. Mobilising emerging lawyers through clinical legal education programmes with a focus on public interest law.

  1. Conducting research on barriers to public interest litigation in Ireland, raising awareness and working to remove these barriers.

Sustaining Partners