Data Protection Handbook for the Non-Profit Sector

The issue

NGOs can hold significant amounts of personal data, requiring them to have in place transparent and accountable procedures for processing data. They can often also play an important role in assisting clients who would like to access their own data from other organistions. As a complex and evolving area of law, PILA receives frequent requests for training and assistance with data protection policies and procedures.

What PILA did

A user friendly guide which was developed by McCann FitzGerald specifically for the not-for-profit sector, which examines both the data protection obligations of organisations, as well as how to support individuals in accessing their personal data. The guide provides an overview of the existing legislation and rules.

The result

The handbook was launched by delivering training to 16 staff from 14 NGOs, who found “the session was excellent!” “very worthwhile and relevant” and “a very informative and helpful presentation. Well done!".

The handbook is available for download here, or please contact PILA if you would like for us to post you a copy.

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