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  1. case-law-677940
    Case Summary: R (on the application of Compton) –v- Wiltshire Primary Care Trust [2008] EWCA Civ 749Issued : July 2015The closure of part of a hospital was of general public importance to award a Protective Costs Order.
    • case-law-677940
      Case Summary: Village Residents Association Ltd. -v- An Bord Pleanála and McDonalds [2000] 2 IR 321Issued : July 2015The Irish High Court found that it had in principle jurisdiction to award a Protective Costs Order, however refused to do so on facts which did not characterise a "public interest law challenge".
      • case-law-677940
        Case Summary: R (on the application of CPAG) –v- Lord Chancellor’s Department [1998] EWHC Admin 151 Issued : July 2015Protective Costs Order was not granted where the merits of the case could not be assessed sufficiently to decide that it was in the public interest to make such an order.
        • case-law-677940
          Case Summary: Friends of the Curragh Environment Ltd -v- An Bord Pleanála & Ors [2006] IEHC 243 Issued : July 2015Irish High Court found that in principle it had jurisdiction to award a Protective Costs Order and endorsed the principles outlined in Cornerhouse.
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            FLAC Annual Report 2014Issued : June 2015
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            Briefing on Our Voice Our Rights 2015Issued : May 2015
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            PILA Pro Bono Survey 2014Issued : March 2015Summary
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            Case Summary: O’Brien -v- The Personal Injuries Assessment Board [2007] 1 IR 328Issued : July 2014Where the Court's judgment would affect how the Respondent exercised its statutory powers in the future, the Supreme Court allowed a judicial review hearing to proceed.
            • case-law-677940
              Case Summary: Goold -v- Collins [2004] IEHC 38 Issued : July 2014Where the parties had reached an agreement on the protection order in issue, the Supreme Court held that the matter was moot and reviewed case law on mootness.
              • case-law-677940
                Case Summary: V [a minor] -v- Courts Service & Ors [2009] IEHC 321 Issued : July 2014Where even a favourable outcome to the Applicant would have provided no practical assistance to him, the High Court dismissed judicial review proceedings as moot.

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