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  1. case-law-677940
    Case Summary: R (ex parte National Federation of Self-Employed and Small Businesses Limited) –v- Commissioners of Inland Revenue [1981] UKHL 2Issued : January 2016Standing refused to representative body on the basis of insufficient interest.
    • case-law-677940
      Case Summary: R (on the application of Greenpeace Ltd) -v- Inspectorate of Pollution & Anor. (No 2) [1994] 4 All ER 329 Issued : January 2016Standing granted to an NGO to judicially review a decision to authorise discharge of radioactive waste, on the basis of genuine and good faith concern in the environment and internationally recognised expertise.
      • case-law-677940
        Case Summary: Irish Penal Reform Trust Limited & Ors –v- the Governor of Mountjoy Prison & Ors [2005] IEHC 305Issued : January 2016Standing granted to an NGO that was a sincere and good faith litigant with expertise in prisoners' rights, in a case raising constitutional issues regarding the treatment of psychiatrically ill prisoners.
        • case-law-677940
          Case Summary: Digital Rights Ireland Ltd – v – Minister for Communication & Ors [2010] IEHC 221Issued : January 2016Standing granted to an NGO that was a sincere and serious litigant, in a case that raised important constitutional matters around retention of data affecting the public and where unlikely that an individual could afford to take such a case.
          • case-law-677940
            Case Summary: Cahill –v- Sutton [1972] IR 269Issued : January 2016Standing refused where constitutionality of the statute of limitations was challenged, but Plaintiff not directly affected.
            • Publication cover - Clinical-Legal-Education-Report
              Report on Clinical Legal Education in Ireland Issued : October 2015
            • Publication cover - Briefing note on Foy Case
              Briefing note on Foy CaseIssued : October 2015
            • Publication cover - FLAC News 25 (3) Jul-Sep 2015
              FLAC News 25 (3) Jul-Sep 2015Issued : October 2015Contents:
            • Publication cover - FLAC News 25 (2) Apr-Jun 2015
              FLAC News 25 (2) Apr-Jun 2015Issued : July 2015Contents:
            • case-law-677940
              Case Summary: R (on the application of Compton) –v- Wiltshire Primary Care Trust [2008] EWCA Civ 749Issued : July 2015The closure of part of a hospital was of general public importance to award a Protective Costs Order.

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