Our Alliance

PILA’s strength is our unique Alliance. An Alliance of lawyers challenging injustice, law schools and their students channelling future change, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) fighting for those on the margins, and Independent Law Centres at the frontline of public interest law practice in Ireland.

We currently work with 45 law firms with over 2000 solicitors, 8 in-house legal teams, more than 350 barristers, 12 law schools, and 170 NGOs and Independent Law Centres.


PILA partners with in-house legal teams who would like to grow or establish a pro bono programme within in their company. Due to insurance constraints, in-house teams may be somewhat limited in the pro bono that they can take on. Therefore, PILA frequently forges pro bono partnerships between our in-house legal teams and law firm partners.

Independent Law Centres are independently operating, non-profit organisations that provide accessible, free legal advice and representation to the public, often to those who cannot afford it. PILA supports and promotes law centres through the Independent Law Centres Network. PILA refers legal queries to law centres, as well as connecting them with pro bono assistance where specialised assistance is required to further their frontline work.

PILA partners with social justice organisations that work for the benefit of disadvantaged and marginalised people in Ireland. That means organisations of all sizes that have a campaigning, law reform or advocacy arm that may benefit from more effective use or understanding of the law.

PILA primarily engages with law schools through the Irish Clinical Legal Education Association, which brings together all the major third level institutions seeking to develop a more supportive environment for clinical legal education in Ireland. PILA also engages with the clinical programmes themselves by taking undergraduate students on voluntary placements.

We collaborate with a number of other organisations around the world who work to develop access to justice and public interest law through legal pro bono. PILA is a proud member of the European Pro Bono Alliance – the voice of the pro bono movement in Europe.

Sustaining Partners