Case Studies

Wide ranging ad hoc legal advice in conjunction with an organisation's policy and campaign work, for instance advice on a bill going through the Oireachtas or legal clarification for a national campaign; or on organisational issues, such as a governance 'health-check', a data protection policy, health and safety or property issues.

  • PILA has facilitated 640 legal advice referrals.

Where lawyers and NGOs come together on an ongoing basis to undertake a piece of work that will help effect systemic change – for example legislative change. A testament to the effectiveness of Law Reform Working Groups is the fact that the Seanad has cited the work of PILA pro bono lawyers on various bills, including tax issues for civil partners and female genital mutilation.

  • PILA has established over 50 law reform working groups

Test cases or strategic litigation where an NGO partner is supporting a person or group with a legal need that relates to a wider systemic issue. These cases can be anything from a high impact judicial review to a series of cases in an administrative tribunal. Signature Projects have also been used innovatively as a way to process day-to-day casework.

  • PILA has assisted in 160 cases at pre-litigation and litigation stage.

Delivered by expert pro bono lawyers on common legal issues facing the NGO community, such as the law relevant to their clients or intrinsic to their services. Legal training is designed to complement the Pro Bono Referral Scheme in increasing the understanding of organisations as to when it is important to consult a lawyer and how the law can strengthen their work.

  • PILA has run 85 legal education sessions to date, training over 2000 staff.

Design of bespoke projects for forward-thinking law firms and in-house legal teams that seek a sustaining partnership with an organisation focused on particular unmet legal need. This often involves the law firm or team developing a secondary specialisation in an area of law outside their expertise. Signature Projects allow firms leverage employee skills and talents, going beyond traditional Corporate Social Responsibility engagement programmes.

Sustaining Partners