New strategic litigation resources for NGOs, lawyers and equality bodies

Two new resources have been published which look at how strategic litigation can be used effectively by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), lawyers and national equality bodies.

The Baring Foundation has released an in-depth look at the successful legal challenge to changes to the personal independence payment regulations in the UK, which led to the review of entitlements for 1.6 million benefit claimants. The research, ‘Using the Law to Address Unfair Systems: a Case Study of the Personal Independence Payments Legal Challenge’, explores the litigation process and outlines some key lessons for NGOs and legal teams on litigation as a means of addressing discrimination and disadvantage.

Equinet, the European network of equality bodies, has also published a ‘Strategic Litigation Handbook’ for national equality bodies and their partners who are considering engaging in strategic litigation. The Handbook examines the principles of case selection, legal mechanisms and methods, as well as the risks involved.



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