FLAC Launches Research Survey to Address Unmet Legal Needs in Ireland's LGBTQI+ Community

FLAC started an LGBTQI+ legal clinic and unmet legal needs research project having received funding from the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth LGBTI+ Community Services Funding Programme. The FLAC LGBTQI+ clinic provides tailored legal advice and information to LGBTQI+ individuals in areas such as family law, gender recognition and access to healthcare and the findings of the current research survey will be used to advocate for better services for LGBTQI+ people in meeting their legal needs.  


"The LGBTQI+ community in Ireland has faced significant legal and societal barriers throughout history, and are working to shine a light on these challenges and work towards creating greater understanding and legal support where it is necessary," said FLAC CE, Eilis Barry, "We're asking LGBTQI+ people across Ireland to participate in this survey and share their experiences so that we can better understand their unique legal needs and work to create more equitable and just policies. The survey takes only around ten minutes to complete and can be accessed online securely and confidentially. Participants are encouraged to share their personal experiences and insights. LGBTQI+ voices matter, and the information gathered has the potential to lead to positive change in the future.” 


FLAC Legal and Policy Officer Stephanie Lord, who is leading on the LGBTQI+ unmet legal needs research said; “Those participating in this survey will be contributing to FLAC’s understanding of the type and scope of legal issues frequently faced by the LGBTQI+ community. These insights may help to shape the future of legal and policy decisions in Ireland, leading to a more inclusive and equitable society for all individuals. Assessments of unmet legal need of any group are a very under-researched and under-explored area in Ireland, despite being what should be an essential consideration in the design and delivery of legal services. This survey is the first large scale survey of unmet legal needs of the LGBTQI+ community in Ireland so has the potential to provide an incredible amount of learning for those interested in improving access to justice.”  


FLAC took the decision to undertake research of this nature, as a clear assessment of unmet legal needs can have benefits for the legal system as a whole. Understanding the scope and nature of unmet legal need can assist in identifying gaps in legal service provision and inform policy decisions aimed at improving access to justice. It can further identify vulnerable groups who are more likely to experience legal problems but who are also less likely to have access to the resources to resolve them. This information can assist policy-makers in allocating resources more effectively to address gaps in service provision. Engaging in research of this kind can also help inform the development of tailored legal services that are more responsive to the needs of specific groups such as migrants or low-income individuals. This approach is designed to understand what are the root causes of barriers to justice in order to develop solutions to overcome them.


The survey is an opportunity for members of the LGBTQI+ community in Ireland to share their experiences and provide important feedback, with all responses being kept confidential and anonymous to ensure protection of privacy. The survey will remain until 30th June 2023 and can be accessed here: https://forms.gle/X24Ma1SsLmhd1V4c8.  


If you have any questions about the survey or would like further information on it please email research@flac.ie 



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