Resolution passed by UN Security Council demanding ‘an immediate ceasefire’ during Ramadan


The United Nations Security Council passed resolution 2728 on Monday 25 March, which demands an immediate ceasefire in Gaza between Hamas and Israel for the month of Ramadan, calls for the release of hostages and for ensuring access to Gaza for humanitarian aid. This resolution by the council is the first, occurring after over 170 days of war in Gaza, amid a growing death toll, UN concerns of an impending famine and continued holding of hostages.


While introducing the draft resolution, the ambassador for Mozambique, Pero Afonso, noted the importance of the document as a step to be built upon, and how it is essential to progress for a comprehensive ceasefire and long term peace. The resolution was tabled by the 10 non-permanent, elected members of the council, with 14 members in favour, no members not in favour, and the United States abstaining from the vote. Although abstaining, the United States ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield noted that her delegation was in support of the “critical objectives” underlying the draft resolution.


The resolution applies to the month of Ramadan, with hopes of truce with ‘lasting sustainable ceasefire’, though proposed amendments by Russia for the ceasefire to be permanent were rejected by the council. There are two weeks until Ramadan is completed, and among those suggesting a more long term resolution, the French ambassador, Nicolas de Rivière, spoke of the need to “establish a permanent ceasefire.” Other resolutions were also recommended but failed to succeed, such as the United States resolution which was centred on hostage release, although including immediate ceasefire. As for the time being, as commented by the Russian Ambassador, Vasily Alekseyevich Nebenzya, once Ramadan ends, “… what happens after that ends remains unclear.”


Concerns were raised by the ambassador for Israel, Gilad Erdan, who commented that the lack of condemnation of Hamas and the Nova Music Festival massacre on 7 October 2023 is ‘a disgrace.’ He claimed that this decision was discriminatory, particularly as the Security Council condemned the recent Moscow Concert Hall attack.


The response from the Palestinian Group Hamas has been positive, as they released a statement after the resolution saying that it “affirms readiness to engage in immediate prisoner swaps on both sides.” Additionally, Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian Ambassador welcomed the resolution, noting the need for this to “be a turning point.”


It remains to be seen how the resolution will be implemented to ensure an immediate ceasefire during Ramadan, and its effect beyond this.



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Resolution 2728 (2024) will be issued here.



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