CLM: Launch of CLM’s Centre for Environmental Justice – 11 February

Community Law & Mediation is an independent, community law centre based in Dublin (Coolock) and Limerick, established in 1975. They provide free legal advice, advocacy and mediation services in communities experiencing disadvantage.

On Thursday 11th February, they will launch a new Centre for Environmental Justice to provide legal, advocacy and education services on environmental justice issues.

What is Environmental Justice?

Environmental justice works to ensure a fair sharing of environmental burdens and benefits so that marginalised groups are not disproportionately impacted. It works to ensure inclusivity and fairness in the State’s response to environmental challenges.

Why Environmental Justice?

As a community-based law centre, CLM regularly meet people who are dealing with problems such as poor housing conditions, energy poverty and debt, unemployment, flooding, and poor health. These issues are increasingly linked with the environment and our changing climate.

Through the new Centre for Environmental Justice, CLM’s objective is to enable communities experiencing disadvantage to have their voice heard and take action on environmental justice issues affecting them.

Launch of the Centre for Environmental Justice

CLM is delighted to be joined by Mary Robinson, Adjunct Professor for Climate Justice, Trinity College Dublin, to launch the new Centre for Environmental Justice on Thursday 11th February at 10am. They look forward to outlining how the Centre will work and the projects they will be engaging in in the coming year. They hope to see you there!

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