IHREC awarded highest UN accreditation

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has been awarded the highest United Nations accreditation. Following a review of the work conducted by IHREC and its achievements, the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions stated that it would award IHREC an “A” status.

The accreditation to IHREC of an “A” status National Human Rights Institution is recognition of the organisation standing both nationally and internationally. The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions sub-committee stated that IHREC has worked hard to promote and protect human rights in Ireland.

Organisations accredited with an “A” status must be fully compliant with the Paris principles and as such are given voting, speaking, and seating rights at Human Rights treaty bodies and UN bodies. The United Nations General Assembly established the Paris Principles in 1993. These principles set out the criteria that a National Human Rights Institution must meet:

  • Establishment under primary law or the Constitution
  • A broad mandate to promote and protect human rights
  • Formal and functional independence
  • Pluralism, representing all aspects of society
  • Adequate resources and financial autonomy
  • Freedom to address any human rights issue arising
  • Annual reporting on the national human rights situation
  • Cooperation with national and international actors, including civil

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