Law Society of Ireland's 2022 Human Rights Lecture will look at the relationship between digital disinformation and human rights

Law Society of Ireland's 2022 Human Rights Lecture will look at the relationship between digital disinformation and human rights.

The one hour lecture will be held via zoom and will take place on May 18th from 6 PM to 7 PM.

Aim and Objectives
The lecture will focus on how the spread of harmful misinformation and toxic online content is one of the biggest challenges to global democracy today. The internet has been turned into a weapon by autocrats, extremists and conspiracy theorists, fuelling real-world harm and eroding public trust. But what if the cure for this information crisis is worse than the disease? Can tech platforms and regulators curb misinformation without suppressing freedom of speech and open debate? Mark Little, CEO and co-founder of Kinzen, has been working on the challenge of misinformation for more than a decade. In this lecture, Mark explores the complex relationship between digital misinformation and fundamental human rights. The lecture is brought to you by the Human Rights and Equality Committee in partnership with the Law Society Professional Training.


Gary Lee, Managing Solicitor, Ballymun Community Law Centre, Dublin
The lecture will be chaired by Gary Lee. Gary is Managing Solicitor of Ballymun Community Law Centre, elected Law Society Council member, chair of the Law Society’s Human Rights and Equality Committee and chairperson of mental health tribunals. Gary is also the immediate past chairperson of the Disability Federation of Ireland and has been appointed by Government to various committees, work groups and task forces over the years.


Mark Little, CEO and co-founder of Kinzen
Mark Little is CEO and co-founder of Kinzen. Kinzen helps some of the world’s largest content platforms protect online conversations and communities from harmful content and has a particular expertise in audio content moderation. Mark spent 20 years in broadcast news, as an award-winning foreign correspondent and TV anchor. In 2010, he founded the world’s first social news agency Storyful. He has also worked for Twitter, as Vice President for Media in Europe and Managing Director of its International Headquarters.

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